Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Panel Glides and Sheer Elegance.


Roller blinds or Holland blinds are a functional & stylish window treatment that gives you the option to have a window covering when required but can become almost invisible when not needed.

Round or rectangular profile bottom rails can be powder coated to any colour to match any décor.

The three types of fabric are:

Sunscreen: maintains your view and ambient light while protecting your home from harmful UV rays.


Translucent fabrics: give day and night time privacy but let light through.


Block out: block outs the light completely.


All of our blind fabric ranges are coated with a stain release agent to ensure ease of cleaning.

Fabrics are Teflon coated polyester and can be spot cleaned with warm soapy water.

Our blinds are manufactured either here on the Sunshine Coast by local staff or on the Northside of Brisbane.

The fabric cutting technology ensures fabrics are free from fraying –  as the cut is made the edges are automatically sealed.

For the best finish we use a stainless steel chain in our control system or for something special we are also able to offer motorisation.

Our installers will not leave a mess & we remove & dispose of your previous window coverings.

All of our Blinds meet with child safe standards.


easy link brackets roller blind linked rollers

We also use joiner brackets when there is more than one roller on a door/window.

This ensures the blind skins are as close together as possible.

double rollers

Double brackets allow for blockout and view screen roller blinds.

Optional cassette head boxes can be face or recess fitted.

The blind can be obscured right up to the top inside the cassette or adjusted to stop in any position.

Use in conjunction with side channels to create light block-out during the day – ideal for darkening media rooms and bedrooms.

roller blind with side channels

roller blind cassette

For the ultimate in modern living, Roller Blinds can be linked together or motorised using remote control, switch or timer controls.

And no need for the electrician! We now can install solar powered motors for roller blinds – making them green and independent of an outside power source.

somfy motorized caloundra motorised roller blinds

Plenty of beautiful fabrics to choose from: Wilson fabrics 

Panel Glides

Fairly new to the market – panel glides are very popular – on a track – the panels can be centre opening or stack to one side.

Up to 5 tracks can be made – making a centre opening pair able to have 10 panels.

Panels can be from 500mm to 800mm.

They are made from the same fabrics as rollers and romans.

Blockout fabric usually requires horizontal battens to prevent the fabric from ‘cupping’ i.e. rolling in from the edges like a leaf.

The battens can be a feature on the front in cedar or powder coated aluminium.

Or they can just be on the back forming a horizontal fold look on the front.

Panel glides can have pelmets to match but do look good without a pelmet too.



Roman Blinds

Roman blinds concertina up on the back forming a pelmet type look when drawn up.

They are a lovely way to match curtains and blinds.

Roman blinds can be made with a cord control or a continuous stainless steel loop.

They can made from blind fabric by our blind manufacturing company or from curtain fabric by our seamstresses.

548939098_CKvfT-L[1] (450x600)


Venetian Blinds

timber venetian blinds (3)

The warmth and beauty of natural timber makes these blinds a very popular choice for a diverse range of styles, from contemporary apartments to heritage homes, adding elegance to any setting.

Choose from the rich warm tones of Western Red Cedar to the cool crisp whites of the Woodlook collection.

Western Red Cedar is renowned for its natural beauty and outstanding physical properties.

The Woodlook Collection offers a beautiful colour range and is an excellent product for wet and high humidity areas due to its non porous surface.

Venetian blinds come in a variety of finishes and colours.

Select from oiled, stained, painted or lacquered.

The semi-gloss lacquered finish is UV cured to create a fade resistant non-scratch veneer which is easy to clean and low maintenance.

It is guaranteed for 5 years against peeling, flaking or blistering.

A decorative deluxe pelmet is standard on all our venetian blinds.

timber venetian blinds (2)

timber venetian blinds

natural venetian blinds

white 50mm venetian blinds

white venetians in a bathroom

fashionwood venetian blinds

Sheer Elegance Blinds

Sheer Elegance is an innovative blind made from light weight sheer fabrics that combine opaque and mesh fabric panes to form a double layered blind.

The unique design of Sheer Elegance allows the different layers to move, creating different levels of light and privacy.

They can be completely open or closed, or rotated to allow a viewing between the panes.

sheer elegance caloundrasheer elegance sunshine coast

Select from translucent or privacy fabrics

Lineal vision maintains your view

Beautifully smooth operation

Softens and diffuses light

Range of colours and textures even some sparkly ones!

Can be raised or lowered to any desired height similar to a Holland Blind

Combines a stylish curved fascia with chain control


  sheer elegance bottom rail sheer elegance cassette

sheer elegance translucent

caloundra blinds sheer elegance caloundra 2

sheer elegance blinds sheer elegance closed caloundra

sheer elegance colour swatch

sheer elegance music room

Edmund Charles Tarbell’s, the venetian blind