Beautiful Curtains 

white sheer curtains caloundra

Any interior designer will tell you that thoughtfully chosen and skillfully made curtains really do make a room.

However it can be quite daunting choosing which way to go.

1 layer, 2 layers, separately lined, double tracks, wave fold tracks, box pleats, ceiling or face fixed?

Agh! its a big responsibility!

Lets narrow it down – in the end the curtains must look beautiful and work perfectly.

Most clients have a loose idea of what they are trying to achieve look wise and I know how fabric/pleats/tracks will sit and come together.

Its exciting to move forward and design the best choices for your space.


Sheers and linings….

Instead of having the sheer at the back & the drapes on the front, we now often make the reverse & have the lining on the back track & the sheer curtain on the front track.

It still gives the fantastic function of being able to block all the light out when both layers are closed or just have the beautiful sheer across which provides daytime privacy and cuts the glare & heat.

So many gorgeous coloured, textured & patterned sheers & also the hard to beat plain white sheers.

Still going strong too is the single layer, neutrals are the most popular colour, one train of thought is – keep your large items neutral & inject colour with your smaller pieces like cushions, vases and art works.

Darker neutrals are a way of still playing it safe but giving a room a sense of substance & beauty and as long as you have enough natural light to get away with darker curtains they do look so stunning.

It’s always amazing to see the same unit configuration on different levels decorated in different ways creating completely different feeling spaces even though they have the same aspect and light. One décor may be very white then upstairs may be a darker look, both are beautiful in their own way, it just comes back to personal taste.

 The new generation curtain fabric and lining is call ‘triple weave’, its so much better than coated fabric.

As everyone has experienced, the first thing to fail with curtains is the marriage between the fabric and the coating.

This failure results in light filtering through the worn or damaged patches of coating on the back of the curtains  – looking atrocious.

Triple weave on the other hand is made by weaving a black thread between the front and the back thread, the black middle layer creates the block out effect without coating the fabric.

The result is a fabric that drapes beautifully and being 100% polyester, its washable & doesn’t shrink.

The fabrics used now for the hotel industry further North are just about all triple weave curtain fabric or lined in triple weave as mould has become such a health issue and the curtains must be launderable.

pelican waters ceiling fixed sheer curtains


The options for what the curtains actually hang from are: a basic track or a decorative track.

Both these options need to be able to stand up to our salt air conditions so are powder coated aluminium, we also only use stainless steel  screws as anything else will definitely rust.

If you have square set ceilings,  ceiling fixed tracks looks fantastic as it give the room height and being white, just blend into the ceiling. Below at Beach on Sixth, Maroochydore.

aluminium curtain tracking white pelican waters

 beach in sixth ceiling fixed grey sheer curtains

double white curtain tracks pelican waters

Or if the curtains are face fixed (fixed to a vertical wall) a decorative track (track rod) looks lovely as the brackets are much nicer to look at than the face fitted basic track brackets (in the olds days we used to make valances and such to conceal the unattractive brackets.)

The versatrak brackets are very neat and the curtain sits just below the track rod. 

room dividing curtains caloundra

Wave fold tracks form a lovely and completely different heading.

The fabric flows backward and forward giving a very modern and elegant look.

When the curtain is pulled completely across – the fabric does not lay flat – the waves are still in place – just beautiful

wave fold curtains

linen charcoal curtains

neutral curtains

 Curtains can be made any length but mostly the popular options are – just off or puddling or pooling.

Just off is 15mm off the floor, puddling is around 3cm longer and pooling can be up to 20cm longer again.

Pleats need to be creased in at the time of installation to ensure they always stack perfectly.

Sheers need to be sewn on a blind hemming machine to avoid puckering.

And lead weights need to be encased in a double hem to protect them from fraying and create a truly custom made look.

When making wavefold curtains I choose the hooks rather that the snaps as the snaps rust in our coastal conditions.

Same for the curtain hooks – I use the adjustable plastic hooks as the metal ones also rust and can stain the fabric.

That’s just a few of the features we insist on that make our custom made curtains look, perform and hang beautifully for years.


curtain art